OSGi Blueprint travails

So, OSGi is supposed to make it easier to isolate problems and therefore quicker to resolve. Alas, that is not the case yet – although this may yet change as I start to apply all the tools that are rapidly maturing in this space. The problem is my application (the ‘fancyfoods’ website, from the ‘EnterpriseContinue reading “OSGi Blueprint travails”

Enterprise OSGi in Action – a tutorial in enterprise OSGi

Having developed an active interest in Enterprise OSGi, I decided to leap in and work my way through the ‘Enterprise OSGi in Action’ book by Tim Ward and Holly Cummins, published by Manning Publications. (manning.com, btw, is a great resource for technical hands-on books delivered electronically..many of them will feature in this blog.) More detailsContinue reading “Enterprise OSGi in Action – a tutorial in enterprise OSGi”

The Learning CTO

This is a blog cataloging personal challenges and triumphs around understanding the implications and utility of the most interesting technologies out there. It will cover many topics, and may be too basic for some people, or too eclectic for others. Mostly, it attempts to give some sense of the challenges folks with responsibility for technologyContinue reading “The Learning CTO”